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Cruise Ships For Sale

We all know that cruise ships are great getaway on the high seas. But did you know that cruise ships in all shapes and sizes are available for sale? Depending on your budget, you could buy a cruise ship for a steal at $2 million, or the price can rise into the millions. The price depends on the size of the ship, passenger amenities and its condition. The metal used in building the ship is important too, because rust would prove to be a negative selling point.

Most cruise ships have staterooms, public rooms, cabins, scullery (pantries), dining halls, entertainment areas and swimming pools. Space for retail outlets such as bookstores, gift, souvenir shops and hair salons, may or may not be present depending on the cruise ship. A spa, health and fitness club, and sports bar are also built into most of the cruise liners. Sanitary facilities should be examined closely in all cabins and public areas to know what basic amenities are available.

The scullery usually is equipped with all necessary appliances including ovens (conventional, convection and microwave), stoves, toasters, refrigerators, coolers, pots and pans and all the ingredients to provide the guests with the best meals during their journey.

Passenger observation decks are on most cruise ships to allow passengers to enjoy the beauty of the sea while the ship is on the move. Most of the cruise ships also come equipped with a casino housing gaming tables like blackjack, roulette, poker, dice and slot machines. There is usually a satellite connection for televisions provided in all the mega liners to entertain guests.

Some of the most important amenities on a cruise ship are located in the pump room, chiller room and office rooms. Other important cruise ship information would include the security available for guests and their valuables, provisions to store perishables, makes and models of engines; space allocated for engines, generators and the rudder rooms. New cruise ships come with electrical fittings, heavy machinery such as the engines, other machinery such as those used for steering the ship, deck machinery, air compressors, fire, bilge and other necessary pumps in the pump rooms — all the equipment required for securing and mooring the ship.

Last but not least, the cruise ship must be equipped with lifesaving equipment, as well as first aid kits to handle any emergencies. Fire extinguishers with hoses and spanners, lifebuoys, life floats, rescue boats, distress signals such as flares, common bandages, medicine chest etc., form the major part of the emergency paraphernalia.

Before buying a cruise ship, the buyer needs to do some homework to make sure that the condition of the ship is acceptable, as well as all technical matters pertaining to the ship’s ability to function properly.

There are excellent websites on the Internet that provide details about various cruise ships on sale. Browsing through these will give you a good idea of the price range and amenities to look for in a cruise before signing on an agreement.

Cruise Ship Reviews

Besides, the obvious fact that every one of us need to take a break now and again. Going on a cruise gives you the ability to totally detach yourself from the world and actually relax. However, as with everything else, there are pros and cons of cruising that need to be considered. So before you hop on the next boat to the Caribbean, consider the following first…

The good part?

People swear by cruise ships and the pleasurable experience that you can have when you board one. More and more cruise liners are coming up with innovative ideas to have you hop on board such as coming up with themed ships or ships that are targeted towards your interests. That could be a life changer.

Want to improve your golf swing.? How about your putting skills? All while keeping the kids happy and preoccupied in their theme park-like fantasy arcade? Maybe take a yoga class while your kids take a crash course in self-defense martial arts like Krav Maga? You can do all these and more on a cruise. That might be a life changer.

It’s been a mantra ever since cruise ships came into existence that you should feel like you are in heaven when you board.This is one of the things that makes going on a cruise so wonderful. It sounds like a life changer. The not so good?

Of course, every coin has another side and cruising has its own downside as well. Fortunately the only really bad thing that most people encounter on a cruise ship is unruly-passengers. Although rare, there are times when some experience bad service and terrible food. Even more rare is the horrible experience of feeling like you are trapped in and totally isolated in a huge tub until the next call to port.

Now all of those issues don’t actually sound so awful compared to one thing people don’t really know about when they board cruise ships.The fact that cruise ships are not required by law to report crimes. Actually, they’re not required to report much of anything.

Check cruise ship reviews for accurate information.

It has a lot to do with the whole law of the sea and for the most part, it’s a sad reality that cruise ships are not required to report crimes that occur while they are out, well, cruising. The more depressing news about that is that cruise ships often make it a point not to report it when crimes happen in their ships simply because it’s bad for tourism and ultimately bad for business.

Most cruise industries however are totally committed to your wellbeing and make it a point to protect you so it’s not a case to panic about. The fact that most of the problems that occur are caused by passengers and end up being resolved positively. The bottom line therefore, is before you hop on the next boat to the Caribbean, it might be helpful to at least check out the cruise ship you’re boarding. Prevention is better than the cure as they always say and it can’t be more fitting than when you board a cruise ship!

Cruise Ship Reviews – Take a Worry Free Vacation

A cruise vacation is something to look forward to; hence if you are going for one, you might as well ensure that you’ll have all the fun that you can probably get even without spending a lot. Before you decide to embark on a cruise trip, it would help if you can read cruise ship reviews first. By doing this, you can very well compare rates, amenities, dress codes, and other factors.

First of all, fare rates should be considered. Of course, you need to consider this factor not unless you are living in a land that happens to rain money all the time. After all, you surely want to enjoy yourself to the fullest without allowing yourself to experience any guilt because you have spent all your income just on that tour. Be wise, there are reasonable fare rates that are given during off seasons where you can avail of a substantial discount. Plus, the good thing about availing during this time of the year is that you will be able to enjoy your privacy better since the crowds are thinner.

A good cruise should be able to go with your expected cruise culture. There are ships that are extremely informal while some are highly formal that you will feel skeptical in moving around or meeting other people. Knowing the kind of people you will meet in the trip will prevent you from being like a sore thumb among other vacationers.